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April 19, 2023

Geometry Dash Lite For Android

Geometry dash is a game that many of us are well aware of and most of us have played it. Geometry is a game that is available online for play and its APK version can also found on the internet available for Android, ISO, Microsoft and other platforms. It is a game where players have to make the icon jump, flip and fly to the end of the level and earn rewards.


The game is rhythm-based game with colorful background and multiple levels. The icon or vehicle is made jumped by touching or tapping on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. By continuous pressing on screen make the object jump, flip or fly continuously. The speed at which the icon will move in the game is not in control of players and as the levels get harder and tougher to play the speed of the object will increase as well so speed and difficulty are co-related. Timing is everything in the game; as aforementioned the game is rhythm-based so timing is what counts the most. Clicking or tapping on screen on right time before hitting the object is very important or one has to start the game from the very beginning.

Geometry Dash Lite 2.2
Geometry Dash Lite 2.2

Ones got hit by an object player cannot start from the point where he/she got hit which is sometimes annoying but this is the beauty part of it which make this game more challenging and addicting. By completing the level different rewards are earned and with earned rewards players can buy variety of colorful Icon and Vehicles. There is also a practice mode in the game where players can practice and sharpen their gameplay skills. Players are enabled to set checkpoint in practice mode if got hit by an object game will start from the last checkpoint; checkpoints are set automatically by the icon but levels can only be completed in the main game and not in practice mode. By completing achievements players can earn different rewards, like Geometry Dash the lite version has also in game currency in it called Mana Orbs which can be used to purchase different thing in in-game shop.

Geometry Dash Lite Gameplay Trailer

Geometry Dash VS Lite

So, there are two version of the Geometry Dash, Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash lite. Both of the version of the games is more or less same but as name suggests the lite version has some subtle differences that players might notice in game.

There are 22 levels in the regular version of the Geometry dash but the lite version has 13 levels but are as interesting and exciting as the regular one.

Full version of game has more icon, colors and vehicle to but from the shop whereas the lite version of game has not as much icon as one can found in the regular full version of the game.

Level editor
Only full version of the game has level editor in it and no such option is made available in the lite version.


I think that both games are more or less same and players can experience same level of excitement and challenging levels but less in number in lite version of the game but one should not forget that lite version will save storage space with no compromise on the essence that one taste in the actual game or full version of the game. I will recommend downloading lite version of the game if one have a low budget phone or frequently face the issue of storage available in the phone.

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