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April 19, 2023

Geometry Dash Meltdown For Android

Well if one has played Geometry dash and Geometry dash lite then you probably might have guessed that this game might not be different from the rest of two. Well, guess what? you got it right. Geometry dash meltdown is the game that shares its basic theme with Geometry dash and Geometry dash lite. These arcade game offers you to jump, flip and fly your way to the end of the level to complete it. The game not only offers you a joyful experience of playing it but also rejoice its players with Music at the same time. So, you can make your Icon jumping around avoiding obstacles and monsters while enjoying Music offered from Different DJs. Well specifically speaking of Meltdown; it is developed by Robtop and game is the smaller version of the Geometry Dash and by saying smaller I mean that it occupies less of your storage while offering you the exact same experience of gameplay that of Geometry dash and Geometry lite. Differences between Geometry dash meltdown and Geometry dash is discussed below:

The level in the game (geometry Dash meltdown) are less than the regular version (Geometry dash). There are only 4 levels that are locked and players have to make it to the end of the preceding level to make their way to the succeeding levels. Well, it might seem like that less levels mean earlier to complete the game but believed me it’s not that easy when one starts playing the game. Each level is offered with more obstacles, monsters and a more color-changing, dazzling background which poses difficulties for a player to make it to the end of the levels. So, don’t expect them to go easy on you. Practice mode is offered in both of the games to make yourself more skillful so that you can perform well in the main game.


Geometry Dash meltdown also has the option of THE Shop in the game for players to buy new, Colors, Icons and Vehicles to get amused and played with. Players can buy all these stuff with the help of earned in-game currency or achievement which players will earn and unlock when a level is finished.


like its parent version ‘Geometry dash’ meltdown is also rhythm-based game so songs here are from F-777 and namely, they are (The seven sea, Viking Arena, Airborne robots and Stay inside me). These are the in-game level-specific music apart from the Default Music of the game.

Meltdown Gameplay Trailer

geometry dash meltdown free
geometry dash meltdown free

Final Words

Geometry Dash Meltdown is a variant of the actual Geometry Dash if one has played all the levels of the actual game so, this game offers them the same experience that of the actual game with four new levels ( and more upcoming level) and exciting new music. Geometry Dash is available for ISO, Android, and other platforms.

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