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May 26, 2023

Are you in your leisure time? And you are getting bored? Wondering what to do to get rid of this boring time? The answer to all these questions is one of the games from the series of best Robtop games, The Geometry Dash World.

Geometry dash is a 2d platform rhythm-based game. The game offers many things all at once that a person is looking for when he is getting bored and has nothing to do.

One if you are getting bored this game could be one of the best timing killing options, two; it does not require any internet connection; you can play it offline, and three; the game does not only offers the best gameplay experience but it also makes it worthwhile by the background music that will make you hp with the beat.

Apart from all these features that kill your boredom, the most astonishing feature is that, that this game does not occupy a whole lot of space in your phone to be downloaded.

Geometry Dash World Full Version
Geometry Dash World Full Version

Geometry Dash World APK Gameplay

If you are a fan of the Robtop games and played the Geometry Dash and its other version before then you might know how simple is to play this game, but not as simple as it sounds.

So, for those who have not played any of the Geometry dash games before; it is really simple to play this game. All you have to do is to make your character in the game jump by tapping the screen of your device and avoid hitting the obstacles in your way, and complete the level. So, the gameplay is nearly the same as that of the other version of the game.


Since the gameplay of the Geometry Dash World is similar to that of its other version, it does not necessarily mean that the level would be the same as well. The main version of the game offers almost 22 different levels, but the subversions of the game have lesser numbers of levels than that of the main version.

The Geometry Dash World has only two Worlds in total and each World has 5 different levels. Each level has its own monsters, portals, vehicles, and placement of obstacles.

In the main version of the Game, there is no restriction that one has to complete preceding levels before progressing towards the succeeding ones; but the Geometry Dash World has this rule exception to the main game.

The players need to complete the levels in the world before they advance to the next levels of the current world.

Practice Mode

Like its other version, Geometry Dash World also offers the practice mode. Because players have to play from the very beginning of the game if they got hit by an obstacle, so, players can avail the option of the practice mode, where they can practice the game first and then hop into the world to complete it.


The shop is also included in the game so that players can redeem rewards by the coin they win by completing each level and world. It includes a variety of characters, colors, vehicles, and other different types of objects.


The Geometry Dash is one of the best arcade games that one can download in phone or PC, as the game is worth playing because of its feature that most of the arcade games do offers, and the most amazing feature among all the feature is that this game does not require any connection to the internet. Besides this players get to play a game that not only offers exciting gameplay but also good music to vibe in as well.

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